rhyming verse can appear forced or contrived, but still fun to play with – like my Odes – these were fun… .

Ode to the ice in my glass

ice and lemon in adrink

I know the ice in my glass makes a ripple
when mixed with my favourite tipple
but I still need to test
if it works out the best
with a single, a double or triple.

Ode to Phenylalanine

dark, milk and plain chocolate chunks

There’s a word which describes
the feeling inside
which you get from a dark chocolate crème

which chemistry tells us
is down to a dose of
that feel good drug called dopamine

and there can be no doubt
the best sense in the mouth
derives from the cocoa nut bean

so the challenge today
is a word you can say
which rhymes with phenylalanine.

nibs of chocolate

Ode to a Christmas Jumper

selection of different Christmas jumpers

The time has come to venture forth,
to leave the land of drawer,

to brace your face for being placed
o’er breasts and chests once more,

to come into the light of day –
hurrah, it’s time again

for exposing Pa Pa Christmas
with his reindeer and snowmen,

for laying bare your baubles
and for lighting up your cakes,

your Christmas trees and holly leaves,
your penguins and snowflakes;

it’s time to face the world,
prepare for fun and getting plumper

as your owners take you from the dark
to wear their Christmas jumpers.