Four Letter Word

Written as a performance piece, this beings with a Prologue – always intended it to have background music and the prologue would be accompanied by a series of anticipatory chords, something’s coming but don’t know what, sounds  like it’s serious, but, know something?  its not. not really, sort of…


Trip Slip Snap, this is the story of my leg. Five times my right leg has been in pot. Five different bones. The time before last I broke a metatarsal and someone said I bet you can’t find a word to rhyme with metatarsal so I said ha – watch me! The result is a bit of a tongue twister, so wish me luck, or break a leg as they say – or not in my case – please…

Four Letter Word

Sue liked to go, she was quite a go-getter, when breaking her foot led her to the bone setter, He gave her some crutches and said don’t do much…it’s the only way you will get better.

So Sue tried to hop round the shelves in the shop, and she got pretty good at the hopping, But there was a snag with the basket and bag because how could she carry her shopping?

Well, the wine looked so fine but there wasn’t a sign how to manage the purchase hands-free, ‘You’re having a laugh’ said the Châteauneuf Pape, no way you’ll get your way with me.

Sue looked at the bottle and just couldn’t stop all the longing to take it home with her, On crutches or not – she would not leave the shop ….without a red wine for her dinner.

But the end of this tale of a quest for the grail of the shopping while hopping on crutches, I’m sorry to say, at the close of the day, between bottle and Sue were no touches.

And though nothing is worse than a hunger or thirst, or a verse with an unhappy ending, With a broke metatarsal your home is your castle and there you must stay while it’s mending,

If bones are to harden you can’t dig your garden or go for a walk by the sea,  A broke metatarsal’s a pain in the arse’le, not to mention the daytime tv,

So when ever’s the time you’re in need of some wine and your foot is all covered in plaster, I would recommend that you call on a friend – cos it might help avoid a disaster,

And if this is you who is wearing one shoe and has crutches to totter or tottle, Don’t sit all alone, call your friends on the phone and invite them to all bring a bottle,

And then chink your glasses to time as it passes, and gives broken bones what they like best,  Don’t say you’ve not heard of that four letter word – the one spelled R. E. S. T. –  REST

Yes, REST you must do and I’m talking to you because this is what happened to me, there’s no getting away from the word of the day – the one that’s spelled R.E.S.T.