Research Questions

As of April 2017

Title: The conceptualisation of learning and teaching in a digital age; a study of technology enhanced learning designs in a UK higher education institution/university.

Research Questions:

  • What value can participatory action research contribute to online learning design?
  • How do staff conceptualise the pedagogic shift from face-to-face to online environments?
  • How does the Community of Inquiry model support staff adoption of digital technologies for learning and teaching?
  • What can technology enhanced learning designs contribute to the development of individual digital capital?

Research Aim: To investigate the value of an experiential learning approach to the adoption of technology enhanced learning designs in UK HE.

Research Objectives: 

  • Evaluate the design and delivery of an online teacher education programme through a participatory action research methodology
  • Assess the effectiveness of the Community of Inquiry model for adopting technology enhanced learning designs.

Research Deliverables:

  • Develop an agile ‘toolkit’ for technology enhanced learning designs.
  • Construct a model of digital capabilities which supports the design of technology enhanced learning and teaching.

Next supervision 25th April with a catchup with Rachel TBC before them.

Tasks set – rewrite the literature review chapter of the thesis for 15th May. This will need a fresh look – take out some of the depth of the philosophy and reintroduce the literature around learning design.