Why digital capabilities matter

Jisc Digital Capabilities Framework image from https://www.jisc.ac.uk/blog/thriving-in-a-connected-age-digital-capability-and-digital-wellbeing-25-jun-2015 

Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future was published by the UK government in February 2015. It contains the recommendation for defining the internet as a utility service, which should be available for all to access and use. It calls for the entire workforce to embrace current technological changes and acquire new and differing levels of digital skills needed to interact with digital technologies. These skills being necessary life skills as digital literacy is needed to fully participate in society (p6).

The impact of the internet on the educational sector and the need for adaptation to new digital ways of working is clear. There is reference to the ways digital technology can challenge traditional methods of delivering education and how teachers need to adapt and educational institutions must place greater emphasis on providing every citizen with adaptable digital skills (p7). The report contains the greatest details for schools and FE but makes some specific references to HE. This includes the need for digitally-skilled graduates (p10). Because digital literacy has become an essential tool underpinning almost all jobs (p11) universities should  ensure all graduates are digitally competent (p12)..


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